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Engagement for Leaders

Your role as a leader in engagement is to capture the discretionary effort of your employees by removing barriers and setting them up for success. Being clear about the values of the organization, finding ways to acknowledge their contributions to the bigger picture, and encouraging them to try new approaches and take risks are useful ways to capture the hearts and minds of your team members.

Some things to consider are:

·  Evaluate your organization’s track record with employee engagement and culture (Is there a history of happy or unhappy employees within your organization?)

·  Identify your leaders’ underlying mindsets about involvement (Do they understand what engagement looks like on different levels of the organization?)

·  Create an engagement strategy. Include any individuals in your organization who are well-informed about the different types of engagement and the effective use of them (Do your employees know the triggers they have for creating engagement?)

Remember to reinforce the vital role you play in promoting employee engagement and lead by example!

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