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Resilience is Wonderful…Confidence is Key with Dr. Angela Pearson

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:
In this episode of An Unconventional Life, Dr. Angela Pearson and Dr. Russell Strickland swap war stories about their doctoral journeys. Like working full-time, being part-time military, and raising four kids…while earning a doctoral degree! And that time when Dr. Pearson changed her dissertation topic — twice! And that time when one of Dr. Strickland’s candidacy exam professors posted elaborate rules about how faculty members can win an oral exam…by laying the student out flat on the floor!

The anecdotes keep flying throughout this laugh-to-keep-from-crying episode.

IOD Feature: An Interview With Angela Pearson


HR in the Car - Episode 7: "Two Words: Psychological Safety"

Inspiration comes in many shapes and sizes, and when you get the opportunity to learn how much Dr. Angela Pearson has accomplished in her career, you’re going to be blown away. She shares some poignant stories that tug at your heart and might even light a fire in you to explore her topics even further. Some as they relate to how important DEI is to the community and workplace, and some just from life stories. Jump in the car and listen in on another great episode of HR in the Car.

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