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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Are you missing out on hiring and/or retaining underrepresented talent?

Do you desire support conducting a system-wide assessment of your culture, procedures, and/or practices?

Do you need a trusted advisor as you develop your strategic plan, change management approach, and/or initiatives to operationalize DEIB at your company?

Are you looking for additional resources to engage in brave and/or critical conversations about diversity, equity inclusion, and belonging initiatives?



Partner with me to develop a diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging program that fits the unique needs and structure of your company. Evaluate and improve the anti-bias and inclusivity of your hiring and promotion practices, retention strategies, and overall work environment.


Individualized coaching on the principles of DEIB awareness and inclusive leadership. Master how to operate with a DEIB lens. Your products, services, and operation style tell the story of who you are. Make sure it is a story that makes your clients and colleagues feel heard, seen, and valued.


Immersive and interactive sessions that are customized to the specific needs of your team. We will help you and your team ensure your workplace culture is a place of belonging, advancement, and equal opportunity for everyone.



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