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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging: What You Need to Know

Photo by Alexander Suhorucov from Pexels

To effectively combine the fundamental of DEIB, all parties must be diligent, understand, and trust one another. Diversity and inclusion initiatives are one-way organizations seeking to bridge the gap. A company must create a culture of diversity and inclusion that is understood and believed by everyone within the organization before it can make true progress in this area. Diversity and inclusion are not buzzwords but are directly tied to the business case of the world’s most successful companies.

Although the idea of diversity and inclusion has existed for decades, it was not until the last decade that companies started investing in diversity and inclusion as a business strategy. But, only in the last few years have people started to appreciate and understand its importance in the world of business. The ability to reach across and communicate with diverse groups is fundamental to achieve a diverse and inclusive company and for the future of organizations in this complex, interconnected world. As Bill Young, a Canadian diversity expert, states: “What can companies do to improve performance? The answer is to encourage diversity and inclusion: it’s a business imperative.

There are plenty of relevant resources on DEIB. A thought-provoking transparency report by Deloitte is an excellent place to start. You can also consult the Office of Personnel Management’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion to get information on ways to increase diversity at your business and help them grow into successful global organizations. Leadership must take on the role of champion. When companies show a genuine commitment to a greater diversity of the population in senior management, then it will be easier for people of diverse backgrounds to feel welcome, included, and a sense of belonging in their organizations. Being inclusive starts with one person; it spreads and then is adopted across an entire company.

Diversity and inclusion will continue to be seen as essential for growth and achievement as corporations work to boost employee engagement, recruitment, and retention initiatives, and marketing strategies.

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